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Facts about Guatemala

Guatemala has a gorgeous landscape and an abundance of varied natural environment and beaches. The country is very popular for its archeological sites and stunning architecture. At some of the archeological sites in the country, you are likely to see altars with modern offerings to ancient spirits. There are a limited number of national but each of them is impressive. These national parks afford tourists the opportunity to behold the beauty of several species of flowers and to see various animals. Guatemala’s Pacific coast offers beaches which are prime for surfing and sportfishing. The Verapaces region has jungle hiking trails, the Chilasco Jump waterfall, the Candelaria and Lanquin caves, and the spring-fed stepped pools of the Semuc Champey. All these and more are sure to captivate tourists in the country.
The tourism industry is an important part of the economy of Guatemala. In 2008, the contribution of tourism to the economy was estimated at $1.8 billion. The number of tourist arrival in the country is set to be around two million tourists annually.
Foreigners traveling to the country are expected to declare any amount of cash exceeding $10,000 on entry to and exit from the country. Avoid any drug-related offense as there are very severe penalties as regards this.

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