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Facts about Mauritania

Mauritania is a country with one of the lowest population densities in the world located within the Sahara. The country is a destination for the adventurous tourists. Mauritania is known for its wonderful scenery.
The country does not have a lot of tourists because of the unrest in the country. Security personnel have been stationed around areas that are unsafe for tourists. Tourists are advised to visit the country to explore the tourist attractions.
Homosexuality is illegal in Mauritania; death sentence is given to male offenders while female offenders will be punished by two years in prison and a large fine. Tourists should endeavor to dress conservatively, behave discretely and respect religious and social traditions. The Mauritanian ouguiya, which is the country’s official currency cannot be taken out of the country.
Mauritania is visa free for citizens of Algeria, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Libya, Mali, Niger, Senegal and Tunisia for up to 90 days.

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